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"Bathlication" - Measuring application for bathrooms


Vonovia modernized a total of 15,000 empty apartments in 2019. roometric developed an app that completely digitizes the measurement and ordering process for bathroom modernizations, making it significantly faster and eliminating transmission errors.

"Bathlication" - Measuring application for bathrooms


Mobile Applications | Measurement Technology


Realisiertes Ergebnis

Mobile Applications | Measurement Technology


Tens of thousands empty apartments are modernized every year at Vonovia, SE, Germany’s largest residential property company. We would like to say goodbye to clipboard and pencil, and welcome to your fresh and new ideas on a user-friendly measuring application for empty apartments awaiting modernization.


Vonovia SE is Germany’s largest residential property company with around 400,000 apartments in Germany, Austria and Sweden. Company website



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08th May 2020

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