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“Broiler-Chicken Monitor”


With its Animal Nutrition Business Line, Evonik supports companies in the field of innovative agriculture and animal breeding. sentin developed an AI-based software that automatically identifies, delimits and measures chickens in the barn. Growth, health and well-being can be permanently monitored, adding other sensor data. Deviations from the target condition are detected early, possible problems can be addressed and the conditions can be improved.

“Broiler-Chicken Monitor”


Object Tracking | Agriculture | Correlation analysis


Realisiertes Ergebnis

Object Tracking | Agriculture | Correlation analysis


In the European Union 24kg poultry meat per capita was consumed in 2018. Producing this amount of livestock, while respecting animal wellbeing, is a constant challenge to farmers and suppliers. Some early indicators for health issues of chickens are reduced movement, slow growth or low populated spots in the house. Top-down pictures from the house should allow us to detect health and other issues automatically and notify farmers early to take action. Can you help to increase health and welfare of broiler chicken?


Evonik’s Animal Nutrition business uses science to improve sustainability, health and efficiency along the food chain to feed growing population with animal protein for generations to come. Digital solutions and precision livestock farming increasingly contributes to this mission.Company website



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