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Smart Energy Grid

Smart Energy Grid


Energy / Simulation / Spatial Statistics

Startup Accelogress has developed a platform for analyzing the production and use of energy, which on the one hand helps municipal utilities to optimize their network planning and, on the other hand, Klimaviertel residents to live CO2-neutral. The CO2 emissions of the houses can be reduced by another 25 percent and climate neutrality increased to 75 percent. For Herne, the project is the entry into a smart city concept.


Realisiertes Ergebnis

Energy / Simulation / Spatial Statistics

Das Startup Accelogress hat eine Plattform zur Analyse der Produktion und Nutzung der Energie entwickelt, die zum einen den Stadtwerken hilft, ihre Netzplanung zu optimieren, zum anderen den Klimaviertel-Bewohnern, CO2-neutral zu leben. Der CO2-Ausstoß der Häuser kann so nochmals um 25 Prozent gesenkt und die Klimaneutralität auf 75 Prozent gesteigert werden. Für Herne ist das Projekt der Einstieg in ein Smart-City-Konzept.


Intelligent grids, street lighting and e-mobility-solutions are important steps to fulfill the promise of a “smart city”. Smart public street lighting adapts to movement by vehicles and pedestrians, dims when no activity is detected and is capable of integrating further smart city related functionalities. Public street lights can become charging points for electric cars for instance. But which locations promise the most impact? Traffic numbers, electric vehicle (EV) numbers, weather season, population development, traffic law, demographic factors, power grid capacity and other factors have to be considered. Your simulation of the grid might help to introduce “smart” to a smart city!


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