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Waste Hunter


Route optimization / Mathematical Modeling

Thanks to adiutaByte's data-based route planning, Herne disposal can reduce the number of kilometers spent on bulky waste collection by up to 30 per cent and cut citizens' waiting times by two-thirds.


Realisiertes Ergebnis

Route optimization / Mathematical Modeling

Die Entsorgung Herne kann dank datenbasierter Routenplanung von adiutaByte die gefahrenenKilometer bei der Sperrmüllabholung um bis zu 30Prozentsenken und die Wartezeiten der Bürger um zwei Drittel verkürzen.


Every citizen enjoys a clean and tidy city. While regular waste from bins is collected following optimized routes, pick-up of bulky garbage & electronic waste, like old couches, broken TVs or shelves does not follow a regular schedule. Citizens request for pick-up on a specific day. Currently, the collection of bulky waste & electronics are optimized manually on a daily basis by personal experience of the driver and minimum distance from one location to another within a specific area. Other factors such as vehicle capacity, time of day, whether or construction sites are not necessarily considered. Can you optimize routes and help to keep our cities clean?



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