PROFILE For efficient fleet planning you are faced with the daily challenge that all restrictions have to be consid- ered. A small change in the planning - for example, a sick leave notifica- tion - can mean that the planning for the entire fleet has to be recreated.

With manual planning this is hardly possible: Optimal fleet planning is impossible without a fleet manage- ment software.

Because: The complexity of optimal tour planning explodes with in- creasing numbers of employees and orders.

adiutaByte offers a novel optimiza- tion approach based on a patented Fraunhofer technology to solve highly complex and dynamic fleet optimization problems. The soft- ware is offered in the SaaS model either incl. front-end or purely via the API


Philipp Rinner
+49 89 552 677 93




Cross-industry: optimization software for various tour-, placement- and personnel planning problems


  • Optimization based on completely independently developed optimization algorithms
  • Extensive experience in the fields of optimization thanks to many years of Fraunhofer know-how
  • Very easy adaptability to various individual customer requirements
  • Solution of highly complex fleet optimization problems for many vehicles and up to a medium four-digit number of orders in a few minutes
  • Very easy usability of the software, thanks to intuitive frontend
  • Specially developed AI models to continuously improve the optimization


Cross-industry, as soon as the disposition of vehicle fleets, as well as route and personnel planning plays a central role, p.ex:

  • Maintenance Services
  • Field services
  • Logistics and delivery


Optimal planning of new orders (complete digitalization of the process, from customer portal to route planning)

  • Automatic and optimized tour planning for the entire vehicle fleet
  • Various scenario analyses: simulation of locations, number of vehicles, shift times, ...
  • Profitability analyses for orders


The optimization solution is current- ly being rolled out together with the partner MediFox to up to 6,000 care services in DACH

  • The software is used productively by Entsorgung Herne, among others, to plan the collection of bulky waste
  • Siemens, Routeique (CA), ...


  • adiutaByte GmbH
  • Founded: 2019
  • Founders: Dr. Dustin Feld, Philipp Rin- ner, Vanessa Wolff, Eric Schricker
  • Headquarters: Cologne/Bonn (DE) Grantham-Allee 2-8, 53757 Sankt Augustin
  • Regional office: Munich (DE)Emil- Riedel-Straße 5, 80538 München


Philipp Rinner
+49 89 552 677 93